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Thomas E. Hiller, Principal Consultant, is an established expert in the direct marketing, telemarketing and reference service industries, with an extensive background in data acquisition/evaluation and marketing database management. He also is a recognized leader in the area of privacy and a member of The Direct Marketing Association's (DMA) Privacy Task Force.

Consultants in Information Management, Inc. assists companies and organizations in all areas of data management, including todays information protection/privacy environment. Contact us to learn more.

Important Stuff

1943 (or thereabouts) Tom Hiller Was Born And thus, the start of the process was begun, which would result in the formation of CIM in the 21st Century.
1492 Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue And to this day, most Americans are still trying to figure out how and why an Cristobal Colon's name became "Americanized" to Christopher Columbus, mostly because absolutely no one knows who the heck Amerigo Vespucci was or how he became... oh well. I think you understand.
1997 CIM Formed in Lincoln, Nebraska Assists businesses and organizations in the area of information management and privacy/compliance-related initiatives.

Company Solution

Companies and organizations look not only internally but also externally for expert advice and council in developing policies, practices and procedures for administering and adhering to such actions.

Company Portfolio

All companies and organization should adopt a best practices philosophy of documenting what you do and doing what you document by having a reliable and independent professional service annually review your policies, practices and procedures.


You can trust Tom Hiller. He's a doctor.